Richfield Township is the Area Leader in Quality Parks, Campground, and Marina Facilities. All of which are Handicap Accessible and Open to the Public. 

Richfield Township Park / Campground / Pavillion

Richfield Township Park / Campground / Pavillion

Richfield Township Airport Rd.Multi-use Park Property

This is Richfield Townships oldest and most beloved Park. Home to the Township Airport, 2 Ballfields, The Saint Helen Bluegill Festival Every Summer, New Bathroom Facilities, Pavilion, Kids playground equipment, Tennis Courts, 120 Campground sites of those 91 are rustic and 29 of those have utilities. This is a one stop summer fun park and is within walking distance to the Gas Stations and Saint Helen's oldest most beloved bar. Below is some more detailed campground information and contact information. The Parks location is on the north Site of Airport road just turn down airport road east when you get to the Traffic Light in the center of Saint Helen. 

  • Campground sites with utilities are $1,500 for the Season and the Daily rate is $30
  • Campground Rustic sites are $400 for the season and the Daily rate is $18
  • There is also a dump station available on site for a $5 fee and Bathrooms / showers are also available.
  • To make a reservations ( and the earlier the better ) please call the Richfield Township Treasurer Department at 989-389-4994 
  • Please View THIS LINK for Campground Rules and Regulations 
  • Please View THIS LINK for a Campground / Park Map 



The Historic Cove Park and new Marina 

This park has been a staple of the Saint Helen community since the 1950's. This park is right on beautiful Lake Saint Helen and has a large beach area for people to use. There is also large areas of green space for people just to enjoy in the spring summer and Fall. There is also plenty of parking to enjoy. In 2016 the township also included a large Marina for even more access to the lake for Residents and visitors alike. This is also a dawn to dusk park so you can enjoy it all day long. 

  • The Marina currently has 38 spots and spots are given out via a lottery pool.
  • The price for a season is $600 for a dock spot and the location is lighted and has its own parking area separate from the beach area. 
  • To get in on the lottery please call the Richfield Township Treasure Department at 989-389-4994 from January 1st to March 31st and then the Lottery Draw Happens on April 1st. 



Lake Saint Helen Access site Location 

Lake Saint Helen Access site Location 

The lake saint helen access site / beach / kayak launch / fishing pier. 

This Park area is one of the areas best for the active individuals that just can't get enough of the water. There is a boat launch site to get your boat out onto Lake Saint Helen, a huge parking area for people with boat trailers, a smaller beach area for those that just want a quick swim or just a taste of the water, a walking area for priceless views of the lake, and the new Lake Saint Helen Fishing Pier and Handicap accessible Kayak launch. All of these wonderful perks make this a great location for a few fun hours or a long day out on our 2400 acre all sports lake. 

  • The Boat Launch Provides Two docks at the launch
  • A daily pass can be purchased for $5 per day
  • Seasonal Passes are also available for $10 for Tax Payers of the Township
  • Seasonal Passes are also available for $20 for NON-TAX Payers of the Township